Carly is an actor, writer, and director.  She co-founded Sparrowtree Arts in Brooklyn in 2009 where she produced many musical, multimedia theatre pieces.  Now based in Denver, Sparrowtree strives to collaborate with playwrights, musicians, actors, dancers, bands, and visual artists to create new material.  Carly is also a teaching artist and directs childrens' theatre around the Denver metro area.

Recent Work

Synchronicity / The Bakery / Denver, CO (music, direction)

Under the Greenwood Tree / The Flea Theater / NYC (co-direction, Rosalind)

Tales from the Tree: Overgrown / 17 Frost Theatre of the Arts / NYC (music, direction, script)

Five Variations of Romeo and Juliet:  Dreamers often Lie / 17 Frost / NYC (music, direction, script)

American English / 17 Frost / NYC (direction)

October 2029:  Coin Runners / 17 Frost / NYC (direction)

Metropolis / 17 Frost / NYC (music)

Hansel & Gretel / 17 Frost / NYC (Gretel, music, lyrics)