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under the greenwood tree

"Ms. Howard has a lovely voice, and so do many of the other cast members, right down to Kyle Sallee, whose Touchstone shares a delightful song with Bethany Taylor’s Audrey."  Neil Genzlinger.  "Performing Shakespeare, With Help From Mandolin, Clarinet, and Saxophone."  theater.newyorktimes.com_12 August 2013.

 "Phillips and co-director Carly Howard infuse plenty of mirth and playfulness and though the piece doesn't penetrate into the darker reaches of the Bard's classic, the young ensemble sing and dance so well that you would have to be a stuffed shirt to miss the magic on stage."  Deirdre Donovan. "Under the Greenwood Tree." curtainup.com_08 August 2013.

"Kudos to the multi-talented Carly Howard who plays Rosalind/ Ganymede with down-to-earth canniness and emotional candor."  Deirdre Donovan. "Under the Greenwood Tree." curtainup.com_08 August 2013.

"Certain performances stand out.  Co-director Carly Howard’s Rosalind and Kendra Jo Brook’s Celia make for a believable pair of young noblesse (dressed as vibrant preppies in primary colors), who transition (in myriad ways) convincingly to shepherds upon their banishment to the forest."  JK Clarke.  "As We Really, Really Like It!"  theaterpizzazz.com_12 August 2013.

hansel & gretel: an indie-folk musical

Hansel & Gretel "features a hauntingly beautiful indie-folk score by Carly Howard."
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 "A smartly dressed brother and sister wander through the woods, arguing about God, sex, memory and existence. Mix in some catchy songs, a dancing chorus of forest creatures, and a witch (or two), and you have Hansel and Gretel, theater group Sparrowtree’s darkly clever adaptation of the classic fairytale."


"...Cinderella, played with sincerity but no saccharine by Carly Howard..." Laurel Graeber.  "Cinderella."  NY Times_19 April 2010.

shakespeare in hollywood

"And there's no wonder why the enchanting Carly Howard as Olivia...captures the heart of the displaced Oberon..."  Mike McLaughlin.  "Hooray for Hollywood."  Brooklyn Paper_ April 2009.
"There were performances that were standouts...Carly Howard's acting ability brought the music to life."  Mary E. MiCari.  "Any Dream Will Do."  outerstage.com_24 June 2009.